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On the hunt for some specs with an edge, HerCanberra’s Laura Peppas and Beatrice Smith tested out Manuka’s new bespoke optometrist, Eyecentric


Since I was eight, I’ve spent a large chunk of my life choosing glasses. In my younger years, they were hardly a fashion statement – it was very much a case of choosing a run-of-the-mill pair that “would have to do for now.”

Luckily, things have changed – glasses are now very much in vogue, with everyone from Gigi to Kanye sporting a chic pair of frames.

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Ash and Ashita Vadher know the limitations and challenges people face when they don’t have good eye health or great vision.

They say that wearing glasses from an early age has enabled them to develop a holistic approach in their optometry practice Eyecentric, , focusing not just on dispensing quality eyewear but also on each patients health and approach to life.

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Optometry Australia

When optometrist Ash Vadher and his wife, optical dispenser Ashita, opened Eyecentric in Manuka last September, they were eager to experience the freedom of choosing services and products in independent practice.

They had worked in corporate optometry both in the United Kingdom, which they left 12 years ago, and in Australia.  The main advice they received from other optometrists was to join ProVision as it would give them a boost in their first independent practice.

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